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A.L. Winsor
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Welcome to my profile! Hopefully, you'll see something that piques your interest!

I will not ignore anything you have to say, whether question, comment, or concern. I will do my best to respond to everything that you say. It's only courteous, you know?

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Ask Chevy and Xander!

Favourite genre of music: Christian rock
Favourite style of art: Japanese manga
Operating System: I'm a Mac...
MP3 player of choice: hodge podge
Personal Quote: I'm doing it wrong...
:iconianjarold1: tagged me, but I'm not tagging anyone else, so let's modify those rules:

Rules: 1. Write 10 things about yourself.
          2. Answer the questions.
          3. Make another set of questions.
          4. Invite People to Answer the Questions you ask of their own Free Will.

Things about myself

1) I'm not exactly the most cheerful person. A lot of my life focuses on my own mortality.  

2) I can't help but wonder if people think I'm an idiot.

3) I am addicted to OCTs. Both as a participant and as a judge. I'm pretty sure my sister's going to have me locked up for it.

4) I recently got my license to sell insurance; Life, Health, Long-Term Care and Fixed Annuities, if you wished to know.

5) I run a weekly online comic, Nostalgia's Genius.

6) I'm more or less always stressed. Doesn't matter how much work I have. Not having work is just as stressful.

7) I get really lonely. Like, REALLY. Role plays help, but I never know when people are available.

8) I'm an introvert, but occasionally, I need to be around people.

9) I don't know what I'm doing. Ever.
10) I have pretty bad luck. It's only offset by my ability. 

:iconianjarold1: Questions;

1. What caused you to start drawing and or why did you get serious with your art?
I actually started taking art seriously when I met Ron Mazellan; my future professor of illustration. That was only about five years ago. But he believed in me before anyone else. Even myself.

2. Do you have any future plans for your art?
If I had my druthers, I'd make graphic novels. However, unless something really significant or superb happens, I'll stick to OCTs and work on it as much and as often as I can.

3. Do you have an Instagram or PaigeeWorld account you post art on?
No. Not at all.

4. Who are some artists you get inspiration from or you look up to?
I look up to a lot of people... it's not even funny. However, I can't say that they'd be very proud of me if they saw my work, so I'll save them the general embarrassment.

5. What is your all time favorite anime and what is your favorite anime that's currently airing?
I guess my favorite is Gin Tama. Weird. But it goes from really silly and raunchy to really sweet and serious, to the point where it makes me cry. It's insane, and I love it. 
As for currently running anime... I have no idea. I really don't.

6. Favorite art medium to use?
I use traditional mediums (paper, pencil, and ink) with a digital overlay.

7. What's your number 1 comfort food?
Crunchy Honey Peanut Butter. Super fattening. But it's so good.

8. Have you ever been to any conventions? If so which one(s)?
I've been to Youmacon... and another one. It was free. I don't remember the name of it, though.

9. What are (did) you dress(ing) up as for Halloween?
I'm not dressing up. I have no where to go. Nothing to do. 

10. If you got to choose some fan art I did what would it be of? (I'd love to know an anime, DC or Marvel series, and a tv show or movie)
My favorite of yours? Probably the Red Hood and the Outlaws panel. XP

My questions go as follows. Please answer them at your own leisure:
1. What do you think of OCTs as a construct? What could they do better? What do they do well?
2. Do u liek Mudkips? (Were you on dA when HQ did that for April Fools?)
3. What is the number one trick you can do with your body?
4. Are you content?
5. Do you think you take critiques well?
6. If you had to name your top fault, what is it?
7. Do you enjoy the art you do?
8. Do you have any hope for the future?
9. How many of your original characters can you name without looking?
10. Do you fine these kind of things irritating?
  • Mood: Eager

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Battle Centaur by crazyshiro
Battle Centaur
That moment when you're in the middle of a church, drawing a centaur, and feel really conscious about her being naked, so you draw armor on her. And the moment you realize that the legs are too thick, but don't go back and fix it later. I am so sorry...
Anachrons Relationship Meme: Mimi by crazyshiro
Anachrons Relationship Meme: Mimi
Beryl: After a rather painful first encounter involving Beryl shoving a stick into Mimi's lock - which is essentially her eye - the two found a mutual appreciation for each other. Beryl agreed to give Mimi food, so long as the anachron allowed her to observe her person and activities. Mimi, suffices to say, agreed quite happily. Now if only she could get over her fear of the scooter.

Mayflower Foxx: A confusing person to the anachron, Mayflower is Mimi's sometimes-prey, though, it became less so after Mimi wandered into a cafe and knocked over the woman's hot chocolate while attempting to try it while she wasn't looking. Somehow this translated to Mayflower offering her a job. That said, she's a bit of an enigma for the rather simple-minded mimic.

Lullaby: The salamander and the mimic get along... kind of. Mimi is more than a little afraid of him, but on Mayflower's orders, he's teaching her to read, as well as giving her more information about humans and how they... erm... work, so to speak. He's part of the reason that Mimi currently wants to see DV and Mayflower as mates. 
This is the closest she's ever been to another anachron that she hasn't automatically tried to eat, or that hasn't tried to eat her... so she has kind of a natural affinity for him whilst being afraid. It's nothing like love. This is an emotion she doesn't understand yet. So the closest thing is a crush.

Poppy Brynmor: You shouldn't have tackled that snowman, Poppy. She didn't appreciate that in the least. 

For :iconanachrons: 

The blank meme belongs to :iconskhacde:
Beryl belongs to :iconkingsolaron:
Mayflower and Lullaby belong to :iconscythevale: 
Poppy belongs to :iconxlunaticxz:
Sprite Me: Vittoria Louise by crazyshiro
Sprite Me: Vittoria Louise
And my second sprite! I feel like this one turned out vastly inferior to Livy... but could I tell you why? Not at all. 

Anyway, I still would like to hear what y'all think. This is a new medium by me, after all.
Sprite Me: Livy by crazyshiro
Sprite Me: Livy
So... yeah. This is a thing. 

My friend, :iconburoe:, is pretty decent at spriting... and I kind of wanted to try my hand at this... very complicated art.

I honestly have no idea how well I did, but I hope that this is at least passable. 

I actually would like a critique from anyone who does sprites... and if you don't, well, I'd like to hear from you, too! 

(Two and a half hours... I guess I'm not surprised... Though, I now have a new-found respect for sprite creators/animators. OTL )

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After so much time, you still fav my rare work :P
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I know it's supposed to be white now, upon closer inspection. I'm slightly colorblind, you see, and to me it looked light blue at first. Forgive me for that.
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... Why not just pick it off of the reference sheet? Do you have a picture editor?
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