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BR OCT HQ Contest #1: Parker Donegal-Coach by crazyshiro
BR OCT HQ Contest #1: Parker Donegal-Coach

For :iconblackrabbit-oct-hq: Character Creation Contest, I opted to pull out a character that I made during a two hour challenge some months back. Most of this information was created and written up during that time. The Character Design itself was only just drawn. So I hope you all enjoy!

Name: Parker Donegal-Coach
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Species: Modified Human
Height: 4'7”
Weight: 85 lbs.
Home: Mars Colony #3; “Xanadu”
Job: Student, Engineer's Apprentice
Fighting Style: Trickster - a la 'Home Alone', Parker's ability to make security and traps from the bits and pieces he finds lying around is extraordinary. Even though he's still quite young, he's picked up his mother's engineering skills and uses them thoroughly. While it mostly goes to tomfoolery and nonsense, he can create debilitating, or even lethal systems. 
Smart Armor: While the gauntlets and the shin guards don't look particularly imposing, they do help sense the world around Parker, especially in low-visibility situations - which are actually rather common in Xanadu as dust storms come and go and lights give out due to unstable overall power. Parts are removable for movement and flexibility, but that is heavily discouraged. (It doesn't stop Parker from doing it, though.)
The Arm patch on the left is a HUD that tracks Nutrition, Hydration, and Sleep. If someone falls into the red in any of these areas, they are pulled from active duty until the problem is resolved.
Color-Correcting Safety Goggles: A common form of eye protection in the colonies, these lenses can change their shade for several purposes. For example, if Parker's around a welding torch, they turn a reflective black. However, most of the time, they are yellow. 
This color blocks blue light and enhances contrast and depth perception making them helpful for overcast, hazy and foggy conditions. They also improve sharpness and depth perception and reduce fatigue by reducing eye strain.
Dust Mask: In spite of living indoors 80% of the time, air particulates can reach dangerous levels, even inside of the compound. The dust mask is considered essential material. The dust mask is even fitted with a re-breather for outdoor excursions. 
'Xanadu' Uniform: Every colony has - or had - their own uniform. The number on the back allows for immediate recognition of persons, and the accent colors light up in low-visibility situations. 

Personality: Parker thoroughly enjoys the company of most people. Though, if he doesn't like you, he has no problems saying as much. Parker speaks his mind, rarely engaging the filter between his mind and his mouth which, more often than not, gets him in a load of trouble with authority figures, though some find it endearing.

Stats are on a scale of 1-10, with 3-4 being the normal human range, and 5 being an Olympic level. 7-8 are superhuman, about the same level as that of someone like Captain America, and 10 is the highest level possible, considered Godlike. (Energy projection is defined where 3-4 is average mage, 5 is above average, 7 is exceptional, and 10 is omnipotent.) 

Strength: 3 – He's a normal child.
Balance: 4.5 – He often follows his mother out onto catwalks and into some hazardous areas without fear.
Skill: 2 (4) – He hasn't got many skills, and he's still learning the few he knows. Once again, he's just a child. Though, the one things he's good at is trickery. He makes excellent traps and surprises for other people to fall prey to.
Speed: 4 – Like most of the children aboard the ship, he actually moves faster than the adults, as he was born in and learned to walk around these confined conditions.
Intelligence: 3 – he's more curious than intelligent. This has lead to some burns and broken bones that he could have prevented.
Endurance: 4 – He seems to have boundless energy unless he gets sick. Then? Out like a light.
Pain Tolerance: 5 – He ran around on a broken leg for three days once... it wasn't a horrific break, but it wasn't until someone noticed the bruising that they actually were able to take care of it.
Energy Projection: 0 – There's no magic at work here.

Acrobatics: Parker is flexible with a strong core and good reaction time. He mainly uses this to climb around riggings and dodge hot pipes in the colony's major centers. It pays to be quick and bendy in the narrow, ship-like corridors. 
Honesty: Parker is highly trustworthy. He is more than willing to share his opinion or information he knows if asked. 
Curiosity: This is the child who asks all of the questions in class to the point where his teachers have to tell him to let the other children ask their questions. He also loves to explore Xanadu, hoping someday to be able to go outside with the older kids and adults.
Health: Genetically modified humans are not uncommon. It's actually more rare to find someone who was not modified in any way. Parker is no exception. His body has the ability to react to any bacteria, virus, or parasite that enters his body with extreme prejudice. This cuts the time he may be sick down to a few hours. However, any sickness he might have is violent and sudden. He might not be sick for the whole day, but he will be abnormally tired.

Honesty: He can be a bit too honest, really. He hasn't quite mastered the art of tact.
Curiosity: Unfortunately, Parker has gotten into no small amount of trouble by accidentally – or not so accidentally – wandering into restricted zones. This practice has nearly killed him multiple times, and his parents are quick to reign him back in anymore, which leads to some sulking on his part.
Attention Span: He's a child. For anyone to have his undivided attention is rare, at best. For partial attention, you have roughly six minutes before he starts getting figity.

History: Sean Donegal and Bellatrice Coach met as coworkers during the 'colonize Mars' movement. During this period in history, workers from around the globe managed to figure out the logistics for life on Mars, and made short work of commercializing it, broadcasting the red planet as, “New Earth,” and, “A Fresh start for Humanity.” Well, five colonies later, it wasn't hard to see that this hellish, dry wasteland would take more work and resources than anyone was willing to deal with. So, for the time being, the trip to Mars was closed, and its inhabitants had been forced to live off of more or less recycled everything. From air, to water, and even, to some extent, food – though they have found ways to make the greenhouses more efficient, allowing them to support themselves in terms of air and food. Before they were cut off from earth, however, workers and their families, including small children, came to the red planet and settled in for the long haul, not knowing that they would be, in essence, abandoned by their patreons.

Donegal was a doctor brought on board to treat the other workers; a job that would be very important in the many months it took to set up the colony amidst the red sand. Coach came aboard as an engineer; a little grease monkey with a love for all things mechanical. Neither of them had family in particular, and a small group of these 'lone space rangers' formed in solidarity.

The two got along well enough. Generally when they saw each other Donegal would be scolding Coach for being careless as he treated a burn or a sprain. It wasn't until the shutdown and the subsequent panic that they decided that neither of them wanted to die alone. Not a union of love so much as one last hurrah.

Well, a year and few months and no horrid apocalypse later, Bellatrice gave birth to Parker. The community, who had grown stronger over their impending doom, agreed to help in whatever way they could with raising the child. There was nothing little Parker, or any of the other children that were later born on Colony #3, would have to fear for lonesomeness.

Parker and the others were genetically conditioned at only a few months. These changes, though small, took the place of vaccines, and proved instrumental in the restricted spaces the colonies had to endure.

For his parents, raising the boy has been a harrowing experience filled with dread, doubt, but no small amount of joy as he ran about the place. It seems that only the children could laugh like that. Maybe it was their inability to understand the danger, or that they'd gotten so used to it that they just didn't see the point in the solemnity of the adults, but these children, of which Parker became the ring leader, give the colony a reason to live on, in spite of the trouble with resources.  

LoaMG: The Past and the Future [One] by crazyshiro
LoaMG: The Past and the Future [One]
And so we begin! 

We'll get to who's talking out of frame in a page or two, but hopefully this is some assurance that, yes, I am working on this when I can!

See the original two days earlier when it comes out on Tapastic!
Feel free to follow, it's totally free!
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Heyo! First page of Lament of a Magical Girl is out on Tapastic!
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If someone updates a comic inconsistently, how do you prefer to see it done.
18 deviants said Page by page: I know you're working on it this way.
7 deviants said Chapter by chapter: I would rather see a good portion done.
No deviants said Arc by arc: I'd rather not be left hanging at the end of a chapter.

If someone updates a comic inconsistently, how do you prefer to see it done. 

18 deviants said Page by page: I know you're working on it this way.
7 deviants said Chapter by chapter: I would rather see a good portion done.
No deviants said Arc by arc: I'd rather not be left hanging at the end of a chapter.



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